• 120dB Motorcycle Alarm-Anti-Theft Security Wheel Disc Brake Lock/2 Keys

    $39.95 $26.77


    • Brand new packaged alarm disc lock
    • 120 dB Loud alarm siren
    • Water and weatherproof
    • 6mm Pushdown locking pin
    • Suitable for disc brakes with a thickness of up to 6mm( .236 Inches)
    • Motion sensor with 5 seconds delay
    • Tamper proof battery door ,Alarm will automatically reset itself
    • Comes with allen key
    • Maintenance: Spray lubricant in the lock every 3 months to keep in good working order

    • Material:Metal
    • Type:Motorbike Disc Lock with alarm
    • Color:Black
    • Size: 3.4"x2.3"x1.25"
    • button cell batteries size: LR44
    How to use:
    • Self arming, just click in the key barrel, a beep will inform you the lock is armed.
    • After 15 seconds the alarm will be activated.
    • If the alarm senses shock or movement then it will sound a beep as a warning, if further movements are sensed within 5 seconds then the alarm will sound until the movement stops.
    Package include:
    • 1* Motorbike Disc Lock with alarm
    • 2* keys
    • 1* allen key