12V 40A Relay Bosch Style (6-PACK) SPST 4-Pin

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2 VDC 4-Pin Relay SPST 40A....6-PACK

This four pin 12V, 40A SPST relay is widely used in car sound and automotive security installations. The relay features a plastic housing with mounting tab for easy installation.


Brand new heavy duty SPST relays
12 Volt 40 amp 4-prong relays
Mechanical life of 10,000+ cycles
Heavy-duty impact molded relay 
40A coil capacity- able to handle those high current applications with ease
Hundreds of uses include- starter kills, domelight supervision, trunk release, polarity change,power door lock/actuator control, change a low current output to high current,add ignition/accessory outputs, control motors/other electronics, It is Also suitable for automobile used for control, alarms, horn, headlight and more.

Package includes

6 X relays