• 6 Way ATC ATO DC12-32V Circuit Car-Trailer-Boat-ATV Blade Fuse Box w/5" wires

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    This 6-way fuse box in sturdy construction can be used in automotive electronic field, motorsport applications, electrical devices, trailers, cars, boats, etc. It comes with 8 wires (two input wires and 6 output wires). SOLD IN BULK---NO RETAIL PACKAGE
    6-way fuse box with 8 wires (2 input wires + 6 output wires).
    Fits for middle size blade fuse (ATC, ATO).
    Fits for 12V and 24V equipments (Max voltage: 32V).
    Can widely used in bus, ship, tanker, trailer, car, boat, etc.
    Fitment: for middle size blade plug-in fuse (ATC, ATO)
    Color: Black
    Way: 6 way
    Material: Plastic & Metal
    Current: 1A-40A
    Max voltage: 32V
    Wire quantity: 8 (2 input wires + 6 output wires)
    Input wire diameter: approx. 3.8mm /0.15in
    Output wire diameter: approx. 3.2mm /0.13in
    Mounting hole diameter: approx. 6.5mm /0.26in
    Wire length: approx. 14cm / 5.5in
    Distance between mounting holes: approx. 7.3cm / 2.9in
    Box size: approx. 9.3 * 5.6 * 4.1cm / 3.7 * 2.2 * 1.6in
    Item weight: approx. 100g / 3.5oz         
    Package size: approx. 13.5 * 10.5 * 6.5cm / 5.3 * 4.1 * 2.6in
    Package weight: approx. 140g / 4.9oz
    Package List:  K2500
    1 * Fuse Box