• Standard ATM Blade Fuse TAP Dual Circuit Adapter 16 AWG Wire /20 Amp

    $9.95 $6.77
    Add-A-Circuit ATM-Style Full Blade Fuse Tap 16 AWG Wire /20 Amp

    Add-On Dual Circuit Adapter Auto - Brand New in generic packaging (non-retail packaging)

    These are specifically for use with ATM Blade Style fuses.  Before buying, be sure to verify that your vehicle uses ATM fuses and not ATC fuses.  These fuse taps are not compatible with ATC fuses 
    and ATC panels.

    ATM Fuse Tap - Allows you to easily access your vehicle's 12v DC power at your fuse panel.  Eliminates the need for the messy and time-consuming effort of splicing into a wiring harness.  Your custom vehicle electronics installations will be easier, faster, and more professional-looking.  Plus, you can always de-install a fuse-tap and quickly return your vehicle to its stock form.

    **  Turns one fuse slot into two.

    **  Plugs into any live/energized, occupied or vacant fuse block panel slot.

    **  This fuse tap includes one fuse slot to protect an existing circuit, and a second fuse slot to protect your newly-added circuit.

    ATM Fuses are NOT INCLUDED.
    With this fuse adapter tap kit, you can easy to add a extra power or connection to the fuse box 
    without cutting the wire. with this amazing fuse adapter, you can easy and safer to add an extra 
    circuit to the external power device. 

    - High quality

    - Only fit medium style fuse holder

    - Take power for your diy application

    - Provides one fuse holder to protect existing circuit, and a second fuse holder to protect new circuit

    Good for wiring power to these items

    *Car alarms*

    *Remote starters*