• T-SPEC V12-048BPN v12 SERIES 1/0-Gauge Pos/Neg Battery Terminal w/COVER

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    These universal terminals are also compatible with positive and negative battery posts, providing increased application. Included covers further insulate the terminals for a safe and clean looking connection. This v12 SERIES 1/0-Gauge Positive/Negative Battery Terminal features one 1/0-gauge output, one 4-gauge output and two 8-gauge outputs.


    • Positive/negative battery terminal
    • One 1/0-gauge output
    • One 4-gauge output
    • Two 8-gauge outputs
    • Solid brass construction
    • Includes covers

    Today’s cars are smaller, and the space under the hood is also at a premium. There’s no longer unlimited room for large battery terminals and complex wiring. T-Spec® recognizes this and has responded with a full line of compact brass battery terminals designed to fit where others simply will not. These terminals are constructed from solid brass for maximum conductivity and feature an